Toddler Prayer: A Primer for Christian Families

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Toddler prayer is wonderful! Here are 3 key principles that will help you pray with your toddler, plus some free printable sample prayers...

“Is there anything you’d like to pray?”

My toddler nodded, then squeezed his big eyes closed.

“Thank You, God, for all my friends playing with me in the garden in the sand pit… In Jesus’s name… Aaaamennnnn!!”

He grinned as he closed his eyes and settled down to sleep, and I smiled in gratitude that he, though so young, was intimately communicating with his Creator, sharing his heart and his gratitude with the Source of every blessing.

Each night, my husband or I (whichever one of us is putting him to bed) will pray for our son – for his safety, his peace of mind, his obedience and his character. Then we’ll ask him if he wants to pray, too.

There have been one or two nights where he’s shaken his head no, but most nights he gladly seizes the opportunity to say thank you to God for something that has thrilled his little heart that day, or even that week.

Some of the things I’ve heard him pray have taken me by surprise and caused me to be more grateful for things that I too easily take for granted…


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Free printable sample prayers to pray with your toddler...



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