What if you could...

…pray every single day, without fail?

…have someone hold your hand and guide you from striving in prayer to thriving?

…have a prayer prompt for each day, so you’d always know what to pray?

…have a reliable template to follow each time you pray?


Do any of these sound familiar?

You want to pray, but you have a busy life.

You don’t get a lot of free time, if any.

You feel bad, and want to pray regularly.

You’ve tried having a set time to pray, but failing to stick to it makes you feel even worse.

When you try to pray, your mind keeps wandering.

You find it hard to keep your focus. 

So many distractions around you and within you are clambering for your attention, you feel like prayer is sometimes impossible.


You feel like when you do pray, you’re always asking God for stuff.

You worry that He’ll stop listening, if He hasn’t already.

You feel like you need to thank Him more, but you struggle to get the balance right.



There’s finally a solution to help you pray with consistency, focus and purpose…


the DEVOTED Prayer Kit

Over 30 pages of printables to help you pray with focus, consistency and purpose – every single day.


Here's what you'll get...

  • Devoted Prayer Calendar (monthly prayer prompt sheets), with alternating types of prayer prompts to help you get the balance right and pray with purpose... (12 pages, with 366 prayer prompts)
  • Themed Prayer Lists, to use with the monthly calendar sheets so you'll always know who to pray for and when... (9 pages)
  • Fill-In-The-Blanks template prayer printable, that you can use again and again as a guide to get compose a purposeful prayer...
  • Praise List printable, to encourage you to keep a record of answered prayers so you can thank God for them...
  • Pray Without Ceasing Bible verse art print, to display in your home to encourage you to pray each time you see it...
  • Getting Started Guide, to walk you through exactly what each printable is and how to use it to improve your prayer life... (2 pages)
  • Overall: a comprehensive, structured framework that will enable you to pray daily with consistency, focus and purpose...

plus these popular bonuses...

room-by-room prayer cards

Print these, then pin a prayer card in each room in your home to prompt you to pray no matter where in your house you are...

Prayer journaling sheet

Use this sheet to cultivate gratitude, dependency on God and to meditate on His Word. Then use all three to help you compose a prayer with purpose...

prayer triggers cheat sheet

Help make prayer a part of your daily routine with this handy sheet of over 25 prayer triggers you can use as prompts in your everyday life...

it's time to pray

No more struggling. Now you can have the prayer life you’ve always wanted.

Devote yourselves
to prayer,
keeping alert in it 
with an attitude of

(Colossians 4:2) 

This is for you if...

  • You struggle to pray on a regular basis.
  • You struggle with finding time to pray.
  • You struggle with knowing what to pray.
  • You struggle with prayer in any way.

This is not for you if...

  • You don't want to connect with God every day in prayer.
  • You don't like printables.
  • You don't need help to take your prayer life from striving to thriving.


Goodbye, aimless overwhelm. Hello, purposeful clarity.

Lois | Where Truth Lives .com | Christian blog for women | Impact the world by living the Word

Who made it?

Hi! I’m Lois.

I’m a busy toddler-mama. I live with chronic illness. I have a family to care for, a home to clean, meals to cook, a blog to write and a million and one other things on my daily to do list.

But with all the things competing for my focus, energy and time, one is non-negotiable:


I made the Devoted Prayer Kit to help you keep your eyes and heart on Jesus and to help you pray every day with consistency, focus and purpose.

No more wondering what to pray, no more not knowing where to even start. Just a structured, comprehensive framework to help you pray with purpose every single day. 

P.S. I use it, too! Want to join me?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

The Devoted Prayer Kit is a 100% digital product that is delivered via email. You will not receive anything physical in the mail. (So, yes – it can be delivered via email anywhere in the world!)

Do I need any fancy software for this?

The Devoted Prayer Kit is delivered (via email) in PDF format. So the only thing you’ll need on your computer / tablet / mobile is a program that can view PDFs. (Most Internet browsers allow you to view and print PDFs).

it's never too late to pray

And with the Devoted Prayer Kit, it’s never been easier.

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