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Elite Blog Academy

Whether you’re just starting a blog or you’ve been blogging for a while and you want to be more focused and efficient, this in-depth course takes you step by step to lay a solid foundation, then helps you build your successful, profitable blog upon it. While it’s definitely not cheap, it’s worth every penny in the long run! Registration only opens twice a year, but you can join the waiting list here.

3 Steps To Start that Blog You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Veteran blogger Crystal Paine hosts this FREE webinar to help you get started with your blog. You’ll learn: the one habit you should begin today for a successful blog tomorrow, the key things you need to have in place to get your blog up and running, and 5 simple ways you can make a part-time or full-time income from blogging! Click here to sign up for this helpful free webinar.



One of your main priorities as a blogger should be to grow your list. ConvertKit makes it incredibly easy to do so! It’s intuitive, easy to use, full-featured and when I started using it, I realized why so many bloggers recommend it. I’ve used MailChimp, MailerLite, Flodesk and ConvertKit – and I wish I’d been with ConvertKit since the beginning. I love it! ConvertKit now have a limited free plan, so you can try ConvertKit here and get started building your list for free!


Introduction to List Building

This FREE eBook is a gentle and fun introduction to list building. Jennifer answers a lot of questions, explains why you need a mailing list, gives five real-life examples of specific ways she’s built her list of over 24,000 subscribers (to save you some trial and error of your own) and an overview of her formula. Included is information you’ve probably never thought or heard of, so you don’t want to miss this! Get the free eBook here.

List Love

In this course, Jennifer teaches you the exact tips and strategies she used to grow her mailing list in a way your readers will LOVE! Jennifer earned $24,548 in her first year as a blogger thanks to her mailing list. (And she didn’t spam her readers with affiliate links every day to do it, either!) Does she have some unfair advantage? No – she’s a normal blogger like you and me. She had no special connections, no big bloggers giving her a helping hand, and no budget for advertising, either! Want to find out how she did it? View the course here.



Reliable, secure hosting is a must-have for your blog. SiteGround is the best out there, with secure servers, lightning-fast friendly support staff, and no downtime. Don’t just go for any old hosting (like I did in the past – and regretted!) – make sure you’ve got a solid, reliable host. View SiteGround’s plans here and get 60% off!


It’s always good practice to purchase your domain name(s) separately from your hosting for added security against hackers, so I purchase all my domains with NameCheap because they’re the cheapest (and most reliable) in the long run. You can also transfer any domain to them. Visit NameCheap here.

WordPress 101

If you need extra help getting the technical side of your blog up and running, this course from veteran blogger Crystal Paine will make it a breeze! Enrolment is always open! View WordPress 101 here.


Genesis Framework

This has swiftly become the industry standard for professional blogging. Not only can you purchase the Genesis framework and customize it’s very simplistic child theme, but you can also buy framework & theme packages and save some money on them, too! View the framework and themes here.

Restored 316

A company specializing in beautiful, feminine themes that run on the Genesis framework. Lots of customizable options, lots of amazing themes, including one designed especially for bloggers! I’ve used one of their themes and love how clean and clear their themes look! View Restored 316’s themes here.

Pretty Darn Cute Designs

You’re sure to find a theme to fit your preferences here! Lots of different theme design options and they’re all completely customizable, too, so your site can look really unique after changing some of the settings. I’ve used their themes before and love how easy they are to use and customize, plus how polished they look! View Pretty Darn Cute’s themes here.


Create Planner

This epic printed book blogging planner from Meera Kothand helps you not only plan your goals, blog and email content, but track which content is most popular with your audience and how your blog’s reach is growing. View the planner here.

Blogging Structure Blueprint

You need this printable blueprint worksheet to help focus your blog’s identity and navigation and create a clear, user-friendly site. Get it free here.

Goal Setting Workbook for Bloggers

Master your time management and productivity, plan out your blog’s next year in a way that will help you stay on track and start reaching your goals. Get it free here.

The Secret Blueprint for Blogging Success

Learn the simple yet effective roadmap you need to succeed at blogging – from a successful blogger and bestselling author who makes 7-figures with her blog! Get it free here.

8 Bad Blogging Habits & How To Break Them

Break free from stagnancy and time-wasting with this epic free blogging resource from New York Times best-selling author and 7-figure blogger Ruth Soukup. It’s a game-changer! Get it free here.

120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas

Not sure what to write about? Spark your creativity with this huge list of post ideas! Get it free here.

Google Sheets

A free web-based version of spreadsheet software – and it’s much easier to use than most actual spreadsheet programs! I use it to keep track of various promotional schedules, group board rules and more! Start using Google Sheets for free here.

Google Docs

Another great free tool from Google, this one’s a web-based word processor. I use it for drafting blog posts, email campaigns, to do lists and keeping all my blog post ideas in one place. Start using Google Docs for free here.


The Perfect Pin

Need help mastering your pin design and pinning strategy? This great course will help you create the perfect pin, figure out a strategic pinning schedule and skyrocket your page views as you sit back and watch your pins go viral… View the course here.


Pinterest will usually give you the biggest return on investment for your efforts, so it’s important to consistently pin your own content and related content from other bloggers. Tailwind makes it easy to schedule a whole month’s worth of pins in less than 30 minutes! Try Tailwind free for a month here.


Scheduling your Facebook and Twitter messages saves so much time, and ViralTag makes it effortless! Plus it has excellent analytics, post recycling (so you can share popular content again later automatically), easy customization for each network and so much more! See all the features and try ViralTag free for 14 days here.

The New Blogger’s Guide to Guest Posting

Guest posting is great for boosting authority, SEO, and your blog’s reach. Find out how to make it work effectively for you in this free eBook. Get it free here.

7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

Wondering how to monetize your blog? This free eBook gives you 7 ways you can quickly boost your blogging income! Get it free here.

10 Steps to Take When A Blog Post Goes Viral

Discover the essential steps in this free eBook that you need to take when you’re getting a surge in page views so you can capitalize on a traffic boost! Get it free here.

Get some of these resources listed in a handy cheat sheet, along with a free printable daily work/life balance worksheet and planning sheet in the Priorities Planning Kit for Bloggers.

Free Printable Priorities Planning Kit for Bloggers | Where Truth Lives .com | Christian blog post, blogging, time management, priorities
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