5 Powerful Ways To Share Bible Verses Art Printables

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Do you often wonder what you can do with the printable Bible verses art that you’ve purchased?

It’s all too easy to buy and download them but then never get around to using them. But it’s definitely worth the effort of printing and showcasing them.

Printable Scripture art is a great way to display the truth of God’s word in your home and reach others with the gospel through relevant Bible verses.

The encouraging Bible verses on each art print can plant seeds of truth and hope in the hearts of everyone who sees them.

So here are 5 different ways you can use printable Bible verses art (like the kind you can buy here in the Where Truth Lives store…) to share hope and truth with others.


Display It On Your Wall

Obviously the most popular way, but for a very good reason! You can make a great feature by using a framed Bible verses art print above your fireplace or sofa, or even by displaying a themed group of prints in your hallway, dining room or ascending your stairway.


Paste It In Your Journal

Sometimes printable Bible verses art resonates so much that you want to tuck it away in a safe place and even make some notes around it. Just scale down the printing size and stick it into your prayer journal or Bible study journal, adding as many notes and relevant content around it as you like!


Give It As a Gift

Printable Scripture art makes a fantastic gift for a wide range of recipients. Plus, it’s a really budget-friendly and thoughtful gift to give. You can print it at home or get it printed at a print shop, then buy a simple, affordable frame, wrap it up and give it away!


Use it as a Centerpiece on Your Dining Table

Why not style a thought-provoking centerpiece next time you have company for dinner? If the Scripture art is a regular sized printable (printer paper size), you could scale it down to half-size. Print it, add it to a funky clip frame (like these nifty clip stands), and nestle it between or beside some flowers or candles for a warm and elegant look.


Make it stick!

If it’s a crisp and simple Bible verse art print, you could scale it down and get some sticker paper for your printer. I recommend not going too small, otherwise, you probably won’t be able to read any writing, which would definitely defeat the purpose! But stickers or labels around this size would work really well. Then, you can simply stick them on letters, greeting cards, inside book covers, on a binder, on wrapping paper – and anywhere else they won’t do too much damage!


No matter which way you choose to use them, the main thing is to get them printed and in front of some eyeballs!

Printable Bible verses art can be such a beautiful and rich source of encouragement, knowledge, wisdom, and hope. But you’ll never benefit from any of it if you don’t hit the ‘Print’ button!

Pick one art print and one way to use it, and get it printed and displayed today!



PRAY: That God will help you choose Bible verses that will minister to those in your home every time they see them, and that He will help you to stop procrastinating when it comes to printing and displaying printable Scripture art.

STUDY: Reflect on the importance of fixing your eyes on God’s truth as you study the following:  Psalm 46:10 /// Psalm 123:2 ///Colossians 3:1 ///Philippians 3:13-14 /// Hebrews 12:1-2 /// Psalm 119:6

REMEMBER: Faith comes through hearing and hearing through the Word (see Romans 10:17). Take every opportunity you can to share the truth of God’s Word with others. Printable art featuring Bible verses is just one great way to do this.

DOWNLOAD: Here’s a free printable Bible verse art print for you to get started with. Or, if you’d rather have a different verse or design, you can find more in the Where Truth Lives online shop.

Bible verses art printables are a great way to proclaim the truth of God’s word and give hope, encouragement and wisdom. Here are 5 powerful ways you can use each Scripture art print… | 5 Powerful Ways To Share Bible Verses Art Printables | Where Truth Lives .com | Christian blog | Bible verse art, printable art, Scripture printables, printable Bible verses




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